Visited “Swan Lake” Again

I went to the same place to visit "Swan Lake" again this morning.  The temperature was around 20F below zero, the sky was cloudy not like last week (Angels in Morning Mist).  Luckily there was still mist floating over the open water.  The swans and other birdies were enjoying their time as usual. I am … Continue reading Visited “Swan Lake” Again

Happy Time on Ice

I am living at Minnesota, where winter usually lasts around six months. The extremely cold weather actually creates a lot of recreation activities which most people might not experience in other places.  Last weekend, by chance I photographed dog sleds on one of the frozen lake. Look at those happy people who were laughing behind … Continue reading Happy Time on Ice

Beauty Growing in the Middle of Brutal Weather

Due to twenty degree below zero and snow storm all day today,  I didn't get out of house at all.  Sitting on the bed trying to catch up with the work duties, some issues from the tasks made me feel frustrated and to some degree upset. Through the window I looked outside to see white … Continue reading Beauty Growing in the Middle of Brutal Weather