The Hearts Started Bleeding

We didn't plant many kinds of annual flowers or plants in our garden simply because there are a lot of wild animals around, such as deers, ducks, turkeys, etc. Those animals like to consume the flowers / plants as their meals. The only spring flowers we have is bleeding heart. The following two photos are … Continue reading The Hearts Started Bleeding

Bleeding Hearts and Innocent Hearts

I had never seen any plants which can grow the same kind but different colored flowers, until this morning. Sneaking into neighbor's yard to capture the pictures of hearts on their plants.  Surprisingly I found the hearts with two colors growing on the same bushes - hot pink the pure white.  I called them bleeding … Continue reading Bleeding Hearts and Innocent Hearts

“Tear” Drops

It has been raining during last couple of days.  Soon after the Sun finally came out, I took my DSLR camera out to our yard in hope to capture the images of flowers or plants just washed by rain. The bleeding hearts has been in their full bloom for a week, previous experience told me … Continue reading “Tear” Drops

My Bleeding Heart

There are two bushes of bleeding hearts in our front yard.  This amazing flowers are blooming around late spring, and withering away within only couple of weeks. The first time I saw it could date back to the first date with my husband.  In the backyard of his old house I was surprised by those little … Continue reading My Bleeding Heart