They are Back!

I found a group of pelicans at the lake near my home.  I was so surprised to see them because I have never seen any pelicans around before.  I captured some photos of them. White pelicans are prominent in Minnesota's history.  Despite that heritage, the American white pelican disappeared from Minnesota for seven decades because … Continue reading They are Back!

Skiing in Half-Pipe and Moguled Course

This winter I have started going to other skiing / snowboarding areas than the one near my home, to photograph the winter activities The first new place I tried last weekend was Buckhill, where I was fortunate to capture people skiing / snowboarding in half-pipe and moguled course. Here are a few photos I shot … Continue reading Skiing in Half-Pipe and Moguled Course

Downhill Skiing and Snowboarding

The winter at Minnesota can last up to six months.  People have to find some ways to get through such a long cold season.  Many people, especial young kids, are really enjoying downhill skiing and snowboarding.  I, on another hand, love to capture those dynamic moments even though I am not able to do it … Continue reading Downhill Skiing and Snowboarding

Sad Little James

This two - year old boy's name is James.  His parents are immigrants from Kenya, and they are both outstanding professionals. You may ask why he looks sad in this photo, because he knew that his mom was leaving on business trip for couple of weeks.  Such a smart boy! I referred to this link … Continue reading Sad Little James

Excitement after Serene

The Hyland Hill Ski Area opened just after Thanksgiving holiday! It belongs to Three Rivers Park District at Bloomington, Minnesota.  Three out of four seasons each year, it provides local residents with not only various outdoor entertainments but also a Serene places of many kinds of natural beauties.  But it becomes an exciting place for a lot … Continue reading Excitement after Serene

Their Paths in the Cold

If somebody asks me what the scariest sport I have tried, without any hesitation I will come up with an answer - downhill skiing. Years ago I took lessons to get a taste of downhill skiing.  The experience was unforgettable.  First I had really hard time to switch the direction in order to follow my … Continue reading Their Paths in the Cold

The Numbers to Tell the Location

The city of Seattle has magnificent skyline (as shown here).  But if you look closely underneath its skyline, you may discover some interesting old styled buildings on different piers marked by the Numbers. For example Seattle Aquarium was built on Pier 59 in 1977. On this Pier 70 there are a seafood restaurant, and the famous Elliot's … Continue reading The Numbers to Tell the Location

Hello, Any More Bread for Me?

There is a park near water at downtown Seattle, which is full of ducks / duckings, geese / goslings.  Those fowls at Seattle is very different from the fowls at Minneapolis - they are NOT scared by people.  Actually when a person was here, they walked toward the person, extended their heads out to request … Continue reading Hello, Any More Bread for Me?

A Lonely Ship in Water

The last night at Seattle, I drove to Alki Beach Park with the hope to capture sunset over the ocean.  The scenes of water and mountains were great even though the Sun was still hidden by a heavy cloud.  I was watching the ocean waves, listening to the sounds caused by the splashing of water against … Continue reading A Lonely Ship in Water

Curious or Alert?

It was a bright day even at dinnertime, a little squirrel was sitting on the rail in front of my door, looking around.  I wasn't sure whether he was curious or just alert to find out what was going on around, before making another leap. He kept in this position for a few seconds, which gave … Continue reading Curious or Alert?