Engraved spirits

“Spirit of Poems” (“詩魂“) is located in the middle of the Great Tang Hibiscus Garden (大唐芙蓉圓), to display the achievements in poetry at the Great Tang Dynasty.

The poems, together with figures, are carved onto rocks. I am not only amazed by such a creativity to present the core of historical literatures, but also shocked by the seamless connection between the sculptures and the poems.  Each of the combination tells a story, such as a general leading soldiers on their battle fields, the gathering scholars to discuss politics, a lonely ladies sitting besides a running creek, or the passionate corresponds between two loved ones, etc.


In a small valley embraced by the rocks, I could go through the main historical events through the Great Tang Dynasty, as well as enjoy the beauty of poetry at the same time period.


4 thoughts on “Engraved spirits

  1. What a wonderful way to share the beautiful poems of the Tang dynasty, and it’s history. Lovely post, Yan.
    Could you make another post transcribing some of the poems for us ? … well.. if its not too much work…. these poems are so hard to translate, i know! 🙂


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