World Exhibition

There is a special place at Xi’an, the World Exhibitions (世圓會), which provides a place for local people to experience various cultures from all over the world.

Here is the place to display European styled buildings and sculptures, excerpt that on those buildings there are red Chinese couplets to celebrate New Year.

There are also collections of customs and traditions around the country.  For examples at Ning Xia (寧夏) place, it displays a tradition as “silent negotiation” during herds trading, and the “paper cut” art which is actually made of donkey skins.

At Sichuan (四川) place, there is a building dedicated to the earthquake victims, Wen Chuan Yuan (汶川圓).

汶川圓 copy
At Shanxi (陝西) place, there are collections of treasuries from different counties. Xian Yang (咸陽) has the sculpture of the first emperor – Qing Shi Huang (秦始皇), and an amazing creation from ancient Chinese – a reverse pouring pot, that I have a hard time to understand its mechanisms.

At Yan An (延安) place, the five founders of the country stand in front of a Pagoda, to tell their story to start from the base and eventually expand their achievements throughout entire country.

寶塔山下 copy

I ran into this “high – heel”, which is made of straw with very modern style.  Up to today I don’t understand the meaning of its existence, but I still consider it as one of the interesting objects I found there.

高跟鞋 copy

Due to the special landscape designs of the World Exhibitions, it has become the most favored place in the city for newly weds to record their love stories.  I am also interested in capturing how hard those photographers are working there.

Finally I asked my friend to take my picture through a series of diamond – shaped windows.

菱形前的燕 copy



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