Breakfast at Beijing

After a tiring 12-hour flight, I arrived at Beijing at the night of February 15, 2015.

With the help of sleeping aid, I had a really good night sleep. I woke up with a fairly high spirit next morning, opened the curtain of my hotel room to take a picture of the city at dawn.

As I expected the visibility was not so good due to its notorious population problem, but at least I could see the Sun rising from horizon, which indicated a nice weather.


The breakfast was buffet style, with a large selection of mixed eastern and western foods. I was determinant that I was here for eastern style foods only.

I was searching through the foods, trying to find something I could duplicate my childhood breakfast. Here were my selections, which I considered the closest match with my childhood favor.


Shredded noodle with egg stir fried tomato (西紅柿炒蛋刀削麵);
A steamed red bean bun (紅豆包);
A steamed mixed – vegetable bun (蔬菜包).

At the end, I had to surrender to the Western tradition – by having couple of coffee to refresh myself before I flew back to my hometown – Xi’an (西安).


4 thoughts on “Breakfast at Beijing

  1. HI Yan, we get so used to seeing the sun through smog – it’s sad but when the PM 2.5 level gets below 100 we start saying how ‘good’ the pollution is! and that only happened over the new year with all the factories shut. Have you seen Chai Jing’s documentary yet? I’ve just heard it has been taken off youtube 😦


    1. I don’t need to see her documentary since I have already experience the pollution. But I read some new that Chai Jing herself is a heavy smoker, which contributes more to her sick baby than any external pollutions. Plus she gave birth at US in order to get her baby a U.S. Citizenship, which makes me doubt whether she really love her country as shown in her documentary?


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