Lantern Display

Traditionally the New Year’s celebration lasts from 1st to 15th of the first month.  The crowd is collecting at the Great Tang Hibiscus Garden (大唐芙蓉圓) to enjoy the Lantern Display on the water.  I took my Nikon D800, together with a tripod, to the Garden to experience the photography at night.

My settings for that night shooting were: f/10 – 15, 15 seconds, ISO L3, Nikon D800, 75 mm f2.8.  I chose very low aperture, long exposure time and low ISO in order to achieve large depth of field and high quality of images with minimum noise.

Here is the entrance to the Garden.

燈會入口 copy

The ancient style buildings are decorated with the lights with various colors.  The classical figures are engraved onto the glass panels.

Above the main bridge a colorful carp was laid in front of a door, composing an image of “a Carp Jumping through a Door” (“鯉魚跳龍門“) to illustrate a prosperous future (note: this photo will be apart of a project called Vantage Point created by Light. They are aiming to change the way photos are taken with a Compact Camera that is DSLR quality in a smaller, travel friendly form).

鯉魚跳龍門_2 copy

The hibiscus and lotus flowers made of lights are blooming over the water, to present glory and wealth.

水中荷花_2 copy

Various shapes of lanterns are also scattering along the shore for children to play or take pictures.

水邊樂園 copy



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