Family dinner

Lunar New Year is the time of a year for all family members to gather together.  The last time I was with my family on New Year’s dinner was 1993 before I departed for USA.  After missing 21 consecutive family reunions, I am here again to welcome the year of sheep!

In my memory, every New Year’s dinner was at home, all family members worked together to prepare.  After shopping, washing, cutting, stir frying, steaming, dishing up, finally we sat around a table to enjoy the foods we put so much efforts in.  But nowadays, this kind of traditional family dinner at New Year’s Eve has been “outsourced” – i.e., we are eating out at a fancy restaurant!

So I found some dishes which I have never seen before.

The appetizers

The appetizers mainly include vegetables and small fried seafood such as small fishes of 3 – 4 inches long.

The main courses

Noodles soup and whole fried chicken are among the main courses.

This “pancake” is one of the local specials, called as “one thousand layers” (“千層餅“), which can be eaten with some spicy sauces.


Can you believe that this dish with “messy hairs” is actually edible?  It is made by stir-frying sweet potato with melt sugar.  After sugar is melt under high temperature, the chef extracts thing silky strings from the liquid sugar, twists and tangles around a pile of sliced sweat potatoes and puffed rice before serving the customers.  The name of the dish is called “sweet potato buried in silky strings” (“拔絲地瓜”)。

拔絲地瓜_s ma l l

This soup sounds scary – “turtle with Daguokui bread” (“王八鍋盔湯”).  It took me a while to collect all my guts before trying a few sips.  The experience reminded me of drinking snake soup at Taipei last year.  Again I felt a cool air rising up along my backbone afterwards.


The desserts

We are served with several kinds of desserts, my favorite is called “ice cream on bread” (“冰激凌麵包“).  The core of a bread is sliced into small cubes, and a ball of ice cream is placed on the top of the bread cubes. The melting ice cream mixes with the bread cubes and make them sweat and creamy.


It is simple and tasty, and I can try it at home.


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