My Job Makes Me Feel Sexier Each Day


Still the Sexiest Profession Alive

Most people might have only heard of the sexiest man or woman alive, and very few heard of the sexiest profession alive.

It is data scientist!  Fortunately I am one of them.   Continue reading “My Job Makes Me Feel Sexier Each Day”

Building a Big Data

It is Friday again, a long – waited weekend is ahead of us!

It was fairly warm yesterday with temperature above freeze, but an unexpected heavy snow storm kicked in late afternoon.  Most snow melted on the ground, with sharply dropped temperature last night, the wet roads have been frozen into a huge “skating ground” by this morning.  The rush hour commute became a true nightmare.

I had option to work at home, but the remote work could make the tasks I planned to complete by the end of today impossible.  Thus I fought the fear of driving on very icy roads, struggled through packed traffic along the way, and finally made to the headquarter at downtown. Continue reading “Building a Big Data”