Another Farewell

Even though I had said farewell many times in the past, either to my loved ones, or to some dear friends or to colleagues at work, it has not been any easier to say farewell once more. On the last day of my current job, I arrived at office as usual. I checked the to … Continue reading Another Farewell

Out of Comfort Zone

This morning I formally announced my resignation from my current position. Over the past fours years I have been working to help the bank find the unfairness caused by arbitrarily limiting financial services on minorities in the consumer lending.  My daily work includes building statistical models to "quantify" the loan origination processes.  Then we use those … Continue reading Out of Comfort Zone

My Job Makes Me Feel Sexier Each Day

Still the Sexiest Profession Alive Most people might have only heard of the sexiest man or woman alive, and very few heard of the sexiest profession alive. It is data scientist!  Fortunately I am one of them.   Our work is to identify "pattens" or "algorithms" hidden in big datas in order to predict any … Continue reading My Job Makes Me Feel Sexier Each Day

From an Ancient Capital to Modern Home of US

 Grow on the Tiger Land The glimpse of Golden Gate Bridge from sky told me I was finally here - the new continent. It was December 6, 1993. Just 24 hours ago, I waved good-bye to my family and my hometown, Xi’an, an ancient capital city with famous Terra Cotta soldiers. After several more hours … Continue reading From an Ancient Capital to Modern Home of US