Iceland Trip #4 Many, Many Waterfalls

Before I went to Iceland I knew I would see many waterfalls. But I had never expected to see so many waterfalls.

The Gullfoss (“Golden Falls”) on the Hvítá river was the first one I saw. I was so excited that I snapped as many as possible photos even under strong windy and rainy weather.

During the following days we saw waterfalls everywhere we went. Some were roaring while flowing down with tremendous momentum, as Goðafoss along river Skjálfandafljót.

Some were quietly flowing down after snow melt, from far away they were like silky fabric hanging along the hill of the mountains.

Other waterfalls, most of which I just met on the roadside and never had changed to get their names, didn’t fail to impress me either.

I am still missing those moments while I set up my tripod to capture the silky features of flowing water around those waterfalls! I plan to go back to visit the rest of the waterfalls at Iceland in near future.

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