Iceland Trip #3 The Ocean of Purple

Soon after we landed at Reykjavík, I was surprised by a large field of lupine in front of airport. Back at home we usually drive for couple of hours to see such a big lupine field, but at Reykjavík and its surroundings the purple flowers are everywhere!

In the following days we saw them at the places wherever grass can grow. Once a while we saw mountain hills or farmland entirely covered by lupine, just like an ocean of purple.

Beyond their natural beauty they are also so strong and powerful to strive under the local brutal condition.

They created summer vibes for Icelandic residents because not many plants besides grass and lupine can be seen in summertime there.

3 thoughts on “Iceland Trip #3 The Ocean of Purple

  1. Thanks for joining. Several years ago, the Icelandic government started a project to fertilize the ground and to hinder the soil from get washed away so easily. They searched for a plant being able to survive the Icelandic winter and found these lupines from Canada. Seeds were brought out by plane and the plan was a success. But, the part of feeding the sheep failed, because the sheep are still ignoring the lupines. Currently there are considerations of trying to get rid of them again and try to go the long and hard way of growing the plants native to Iceland.
    Lupines in Iceland are definitely beautiful but an invasive species .

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