Three Sides of a Big Gobbler

We have been working hard to make our yard animal – friendly.

We set couple of hummingbirds’ feeds for those tiny angles, installed some small fence lines under the roof convenient for birds to build their nests, put corns and fresh water out for deers, ducks, squirrels and turkeys.

since the start of this spring many turkeys have been making daily trip to our yard for corns, among them are two huge gobblers. With the time going they got familiar with our schedules to deploy food. Every morning they are standing outside the door waiting for their breakfast.

Meanwhile I got a chance to visit them up closer than before.

To my surprise the tom turkeys are completely bald except thin fine baby hair on their heads. I am worried how they will go through crucial weather in winter at Minnesota. Maybe they will grow thick hair on their heads in cold weather?

The bald skin makes the snood, caruncles, wattle very revealing. Their layered buff feather also looks prettier than I had seen from far away.

I hope those huge birds enjoy their lives as much as they can, since they might disappear from our world before next Thanksgiving holiday.

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Three of a Kind

3 thoughts on “Three Sides of a Big Gobbler

  1. Great photos of these big birds! I think I have never seen them as close-up as this! Thank you for enlightening me – and with excellent photos too.


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