Even though few weeks has passed since Chinese Lunar New Year (year of tiger), I am still amazed by the creative choreography presented on New Year’s celebration party.

A lady was dancing in front of a background of a bright moon. With other part of the music hall turning completely dark, the effect of dancing was just like a moving silhouette under the moonlight.

In Chinese culture, the moon is perceived to be feminine. Many of our folk tales and much of our poetry personify the moon as a woman. The moon is associated with aesthetics of tenderness, distinctiveness, detachment, and ambiguity – many of the desired qualities in Chinese culture. The imagery of flying birds in the dance carries our imagination into the moonlit sky, in search of freedom and transcendence.

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7 thoughts on “Silhouette

  1. Absolutely amazing! But I know some Chinese art as I have been to China five times and seen much dancing as well. This performance must have been delighful. Thank you!

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