Every December 06 is special for me!

Around noontime of December 06 I landed on this new continent, it was twenty-eight years ago. I still remember at San Francisco airport where I entered into this country, Christmas decorations were everywhere, and Christmas music was flowing in the air.

But I didn’t know what Christmas was at that time. Only thing I could do was to use a broken English to ask the people in uniforms where I should go to take my next flight to Dallas Ft Worth. The people were nice and patient, some of them even went out of their ways to lead me to the right terminal. They weren’t annoyed by a new foreigner, whose English was so bad that she even had to express herself with the help of paper and a pen.

After long layover at Dallas Ft Worth, I took another flight and finally arrived at Baton Rouge close to midnight. I attended LSU to pursue PhD in engineering within next three and half years.

It was also start of a new life for me!

In the following years, I experienced countless ups and downs in life. Sometimes I even temporarily lost the passion for living. The experiences, especially those painful ones, have driven me to abandon the wastes caused by the hurt in the past and to be reborn as a brand new beings. By the end I harvested success in career, growth in finance, love and friendship. I appreciate the opportunities I have obtained in this country to realize my dreams.

If I had anything to tell myself in 20s, the two things I would have said are to listen to your inner voice and be true to yourself.

Happy holiday season!

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