The last burst of autumn beauty

I have gone to several places to capture the beauty of autumn, starting from the FootHills National Forest, driving for four hours to the Northern Shore areas, then driving for nine hours to Northern Michigan. Along the way during long driving through country roads, lakes, rivers, forests, etc., nature had never stopped to amaze me. Often times we just pulled over onto the side of the roads where we were not supposed to do so, took turn to photograph the surroundings while couple of people were watching the traffic

Long drive is tenuous but by the end we felt it was definitely worthy!

While it is close to the end of October the full autumn colors finally bursted around home city – Minneapolis.

I took a walk around Normandale Lake on a sunny day last week to see a different scenes of falls.

Once again, I was amazed by the beauty I got by walking.

Just remember Halloween is around corner, wish everybody have a fun day.

The following photo was also captured during walking through the neighborhood on the very same day.

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