Beautiful autumn at Northern Michigan

Couple of friends and me took a road trip along northern Michigan to conclude 2021 autumn photo exploration.

Our first stop was at the Lake of Clouds surrounded by Porcupine Mountain located in Ontonagon County in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. The lake is situated in a valley between two ridges in the Porcupine Mountains.

Even though on a cloudy day we still had opportunity to view the tranquil lake and the stunning surroundings lightened by the red light during sunrise time.

Then we took sunset cruise to view the pictured rocks, which are located on the shore of Lake Superior in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, including the shoreline between Munising and Grand Marais. The scenes included picturesque rock formations, colorful sandstone cliffs, waterfalls, and sand dunes.

We were told that the colors in the rocks are created by the large amounts of minerals, and the cliffs are composed of the Munising Formation of 500-million-year-old Cambrian Period sandstone.

Photographing waterfalls during our trip is the most exciting moment.

Tahquamenon Falls follows the Tahquamenon River as it passes over Tahquamenon Falls and drains into Whitefish Bay, Lake Superior. The Tahquamenon Falls include a single 50-foot drop, the Upper Falls, plus the cascades and rapids collectively called the Lower Falls. Tahquamenon Falls is also called Rootbeer Falls because of its golden-brown color, caused by tannins from cedar swamps that drain into the river.

The Tunnel of Trees, located along the northwest border of Michigan’s Lower Peninsula, was part of our trip. Unfortunately we were one week too earlier since the temperature there was higher close to Lake Michigan. The trees were still in the mood of summer and their leafs mostly remained green. Fortunately the wavy country roads nearby provided us with some amazing views.

Even we had a little bit of regret on the Tunnel of Trees, we are satisfied with what we had seen during the trip to the Northern Michigan.

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colors of autumn


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