The last blooming at the summer

There are usually some sunflower fields around Twin Cities between the middle of August and the first week of September. People also take advantage of such time to enjoy the last blooming of the summer.

The Fish Sunflowers field at Gibbon was the last place to close for the season. I went there just the night before its closure days.

I took some closeup photos of sunflowers, together with couple of butterflies.

The low aperture was used to capture the sunburst through the petals of the sunflowers. The macro lens was used to get upclose and personal of a butterfly landing on the flowers.

Just before sunset I was trying to get a photo including a whole sunflower field. But my 18mm lens seems not wide enough for such a purpose. Then I decided to take three picture, each of which covers one-third of the field. I combined the three photos in Photoshop to form a panorama of the sunflower field.

With the man – made panorama I got the last blooming of this summer.

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