A Chalk Fest around Town

After stressful work during last couple of months, Labor Day is finally here.

There are numerous activities around Twin Cities on this long weekend, such as the State Fair, Renaissance Festival, etc., to make sure that people have plenty opportunities to burn energy and have some fun.

A free chalk fest was something which intrigued me.

A road inside Arbor Lake Shopper was used for those artists from around the country to demonstrate their talents. The tools they used to create the artworks were chalks with various colors.

It was so cool to see them draw paintings using chalks on a concrete road, some of the paintings even have 3-D effects seen through a special lens.

Are those artists talent and creative?

Everybody has some sort of talents, we should all explore through the opportunities offered by lifetime to find our special skills and make the world a better place.

Thanks for visiting my post!

Street Art

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