The Wild Flowers in a Wild Garden

There is a Wild Garden not far from my home, on the way to my yoga studio. It is a place I have been stopping by at least once per year, during the timeframe between July and August.

Yesterday after my morning Ashtanga practice I stopped by the garden again, and snapped some photos on those fully blooming wild flowers.

There are combination of red, pink, magenta, orange, yellow zinnia flowers with bumblebees flying above. There are also some pink hollyhock, daylily and hydrangea flowers.

One of the reasons that I am taking the photos of random wild flowers is to use them as backgrounds for my social media such as Facebook, WeChat, Linkedin, etc. Their photos have added vibrance onto my online lifestyle.

Occasionally I use them to create electric postcards in the cases of family events, since the blooming flowers send the breath of life to others, especially the ones in pain.

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