Always Explore in More than One Way

It is always fun to look and take photos of the same things from various angles or on different moments.

Last weekend the ducklings were finally hatched on our yard. Before they followed their parents onto their journey, I took some family photos for them. Since mommy duck had been staying in our yard for a few weeks, she wasn’t shy in front of my camera lens.

Everybody in the family was happy.

I noticed there is one duckling who refused to leave his mommy’s side during photo section. So I took couple of closeup portrait for him and his mommy.

The little one was playful, moving around, snuggling in and out from mommy’s feathers and exploring the new world while singing with a delicate voice.

While photoing landscape I also preferred to take a full scale photo and later focus onto some interesting point. During a night out with fellow photographers at golden hour we had a chance to enjoy some well known buildings at downtown Minneapolis under the reflection of sunlight.

Here is the full scale photo of downtown under sunset.

Here is the closeup photo of the buildings with a few most iconic buildings in the middle.

The “big picture” helps us to identify the special photo – worthy portions which later we can capture more detailed fun facts with close zoom.

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One Photo Two Ways

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