Get Close Just to Know You

I used to see wild bison from far away since I heard they can be very aggressive to human beings if they get angry.

Yesterday was the first time for me to view them at very close distance, with a protective fence in between.

They were lazy, spending most of day resting and sleeping. They occasionally get up to eat, during which they don’t need to move much more since the food is just besides their feet.

Their lack of movement gave a chance for me to take a close look on their facial expression. By surprise they seem to be unhappy to see a photographer taking their portraits.

They raised their heads, stared at me with anger and seemed to blame me, “why are looking at me when I am eating? Just go away!”

From now on I know a bison is as tough as he looks! I have to be more careful not to get them upset.

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Getting to know you

8 thoughts on “Get Close Just to Know You

  1. Thanks for joining the challenge and for these close up shots of the American bison. They are such immense creatures with a fascinating history of interaction with humans. Those inscrutable expressions could speak volumes! I have been in National Parks where they roam wild, always keeping a respectful distance, but have seen them get quite close to humans. It’s so important to know about the other species that share our spaces. Great post!

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