Cherry Blossom

The spring at Minnesota comes later than other places. So far there are only a few flowers popping up. Cherry blossom is one of them.

There are not many cherry blossom trees around city, but I found couple of cherry blossom trees inside Japanese Garden.

The Garden was tiny, at most 2 aces. But it includes most of elements associated with Japanese culture, such as temples, bridges, pavilions, arches, islands, etc. Once a while there are some activities held by local Japanese organizations going on there.

Even though there are around 20 different types of cherry blossom trees, the one at Japanese Garden belongs to Sargent Cherry tree. It can grow up to 50 feet tall and has petals that are pink and grow in clusters.

The following picture was taken using lens ball, in which I intended to focus on the subject inside the ball and make the surrounding blurring.

Cherry blossom is beautiful but also short-living and vulnerable to the weather. The time for it to bloom depends on the temperature, as a result, it might bloom on different times from year to year.

Since the life of blossom is short, people always take advantage on the time of its full blooming to enjoy its beauty.

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Colorful April

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