They are Growing so Fast!

Couple of weeks ago I went to a local park to visit a new family of five. At that time the little owlets were tiny and hide in their nest. Only raised their heads to look around once while.

Couple of days ago I went there again only to see those owlets grown so much, and they were almost out of their nest!

They were flapping wings to practice flight! I couldn’t stop looking at those eyes, which were filled with confidence to conquer the world.

But they were still young and have to rely on their parents for food.

Usually daddy brings prey to the nest, there mammy tears the preys apart before giving to owlets.

I was fortunately to capture the moment when mammy feeding a baby.

Those owlets still have a lot to learn from their parents before they become completely independent.

I truly wish them face a bright future ahead!

Thanks for visiting my post!

Taking Flight

7 thoughts on “They are Growing so Fast!

  1. Oh Yan, they are SO adorable. We had a nest here a few years back and I said the babies reminded me of Furby, the little toy. They are so snuggly with their down covered bodies. Our nest was so high it was impossible to get their photo. Yours is spectacular!

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