A New Family

Early spring is the time not only for flowers to bloom but also for birds to start new families.

There is a couple of owls in a forest nearby. They soon became local celebrity since they decided to build their home in a tree cavity. Everyday many locals stopped by to visit them – parents and two babies.

Here are the parents.

The parents are not always at the home but rest on trees nearby. Owls is bird of prey which makes their babies fairly safe.

Once a while the babies, also called owlets, stand up and stick head out from their home to look around for parents for for foods. They look like pom pom balls with a pair of big bright eyes. It is hard to be found since their “camouflage” fur blends them with surrounding.

After long waiting, mother finally flew back with some foods to feed her babies.

I am always exciting to see new lives born in spring, and sincerely hope them possess safe and happy life!

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14 thoughts on “A New Family

  1. These are incredibly beautiful birds – and so well photographed and presented! The owlets are very cute of course! I seldom see owls here, only hear them. Thank you for giving us a beautiful glimpse into their life together!

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