Coyote, Coyote……

I have always loved to see wild animals around my house. Just couple of days ago, I saw a little coyote walking by my front yard. The little guy seemed really enjoy the sunny day and he decided to sit in a snow pile for a while to order to bathe in the sunlight.

It was the first time for me to see coyote in our yard, my daughter shouted with excitement, “Coyote, coyote!” I took the opportunities to capture the moment that the little guy was looking around and relaxing.

There have been a lot of wild animals to stop by since we moved into this neighborhood. The residence area is located southwest suburb of Minneapolis. The houses around here were built in 1960s, most of the houses are sitting on at least one acre land. The spacious areas provide good invite to wildlife.

Here are some other animals I captured since I started working from home.

Sometimes those innocent eyes truly brightened my day!

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19 thoughts on “Coyote, Coyote……

  1. I really loved this peek into your world . I can imagine how excited your daughter must have been to see the coyote . It was certainly an extraordinary moment. Also your pictures captured that and the other wildlife beautifully. Your post has been a real treat.

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  2. Gorgeous photos! We saw them frequently when we had our ranch. When we own in town, we merely heard them. While beautiful, that beauty comes with danger. It is uncommon for them to venture into neighborhood’s during the day. As we humans encroach upon their habitats we reduce their areas to hunt. The result is they snatch our small pets.
    When you hear a group of them yapping at night, it’s usually because they’ve caught another animal. Make sure yours are always in a secure fenced area especially if coyotes are coming into the nieghbood during the daytime. Keep your small children safe as well and if you ever see a pack of them, stay inside or get there. A pack is dangerous to even adults.
    Enjoy that beauty at a distance and be safe.💕

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  3. Those photos while working from home are just gorgeous! Love the ducks and is that a squirrel? Sorry we don’t have squirrels in this part of the world so not sure how it looks like without the tail. But it is cute!

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