The Flowers Formed by Strips

Winter at Minnesota is not all about blizzard, polar vortex or heavy traffic in the middle of snowstorm. It is also about beauties created by the sub-zero temperature.

Ice flowers on the window at a cold morning are among those creations by brutal cold weather.

Actually those ice flowers are also called window frost, which are formed when a glass pain is expose to very cold air on the outside and warmer, moderately moist air on the inside. The water vapor condenses on the glass to produce such a beautiful frost patterns.

Still it puzzles me why nature chooses to use bunch of tiny stripes as needle to build ice flowers, instead of other shapes?


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18 thoughts on “The Flowers Formed by Strips

  1. Those ice flowers are so delicately beautiful – thank you for sharing them. They took me back to my childhood as we used to see them occasionally here (in the UK) back then, but I never do these days – central heating, milder climate, double glazing all contributing factors I guess.

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