The Sparks in the Middle of Pandemic

Based on Zodiac year 2020 is the year of rat (鼠), based on the Heavenly Stem order year 2020 is “庚”.  As a result year 2020, according to Chinese, should be year of “庚子鼠”.

Historically some unusual (mostly unfortunate) events occurred within such a timely coincidence (Half – Year Review).

Since the beginning of 2020, a new invisible terrorist name COVID -19 started penetrating into every corner of the world. People have to give up their favorite activities and stay quarantined for months. Quite a few people might have already felt isolated and depressed for some time.

The pandemic has changed many of us physically and mentally, has forced us to modify the way of living and thinking, and to rediscover our inner world as well as outer beauty surround us.

If we observe the world around us not only by eyes but also by hearts, we can find the sparks even in the darkest era.

In March soon after quarantine started people in our neighborhood stood together (apart) to support the people working at front lines.

Love and cultivated new lives brought people with happiness and hopes.

Once a while we went out together (with 6-feet apart) to enjoy the sunlight since we believed that sunlight can eliminate the virus to bring us with health and spirits.

The autumn did stop bring us with its magnificent colors. Immersing in such a beautiful fall atmosphere I almost forgot we were still fighting with the pandemic.

As a result, COVID-19 hasn’t knocked us down, instead it made us stronger and wiser since we have overcome the worst and are looking forward to a new era.

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10 thoughts on “The Sparks in the Middle of Pandemic

  1. You beautiful photos sparks in this troubling time, Yan. I love these signs! Your sunlight images bring much of spirit and hope to us. The last image is truly stunning!


  2. Loved your positive ending in this one Yan, you are so right, COVID has NOT defeated us, it has made us stronger and more appreciative of our many blessings. Your images of the beautiful birds and their chicks are marvelous

    Liked by 1 person

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