Then and Now

I formed a dream to travel around the world before I die, so I made a plan to visit at least one new place each year.

According to Chinese traveling ten-thousand miles is equivalent to reading ten-thousand books. Traveling is a process of learning new things and uncovering previous unknowns, especially through my camera lenses.

During the years of 2018, 2019 and the first couple of months into 2020, I visited Tokyo (Japan), Baton Rouge (Louisiana), Seoul (Korea) and Las Vegas (Nevada). The following photos are the snapshots from those trips.

In the interval between trips I usually drove around with my camera to capture the local beauties. Here are some photos I had at the beginning of 2019.

Starting on the middle of March 2020 I have been following CDC’s guidelines to stay at home most times.

I have been working at a home office which is set just in front of window.

My home office

I always keep my camera around while working so that I can capture some unexpected things through the window.

Here are the birds and other small animals I got during my quarantine time.

I have also taken advantage of trail camera to get a glimpse of wildlife.

There are always surprises in our life, why don’t we enjoy them regardless where we are and what situations we are forced to be in?

Thanks for visiting my post!

Now and Then

3 thoughts on “Then and Now

  1. Your beautiful photos said so much about traveling is a process of learning. Love the window site of your home office. These bird captures are incredible, the deer is so sweet! Thank you, Yan for sharing! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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