A Temporary Hideaway Place

What if we have to move long distance twice per year? In that case we can’t have any belongings except a few close family members who are also willing to move with us.

Sandhill cranes, as well as many other species, have been following such a yearly routine through their lifetime. In the middle of October it is the time for thousands of sandhill cranes flying toward southern hemisphere to avoid brutal cold winter up north. In their flight they usually stop by some places for foods and resting, Sherbourne National Wildlife Refuge, with large range of meadow, is one of their temporary hideaway places.

There I saw them flying out on sunrise, landing on nearby fields for foods and flying back on sunset. They stay together in big groups during all actions, which forms magnificent view on the sky and fields.

Sandhill crane is a royal bird, it only has one spouse during its lifetime. A couple stay together raising families and going through all kinds of happiness or obstacles till the death sets them apart.

I almost can’t wait for them to return to my home state next spring.

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