My Hideaway in Pandemic

I have been working from during last seven months, and will continue WFH until at least the end of 2020 based on company’s guidelines.

The following two photos are my desk with late autumn scenes outside windows. The first one was taken on a sunny day couple of weeks ago, the second one was taken on a snowy day couple days ago.

The desk is set up in our master bedroom, which saves at least 90 minutes in commute per day. In addition I don’t have to put on makeups, do my hair or dress up professional every morning, it is very easy for me to save 2 hours daily routines for work. Time is money, I believe I have been saving money at the same time.

Since I spend most of my day here, I can call it my hideaway during pandemic. Every morning I get up from bed with PJ, have a simple breakfast, make a cup of coffee and start my day after I close the bedroom door. I crunch data, communicate with my manager or colleagues through phone call, take a 30-minute lunch break or nap if I feel sleepy, and go back to the desk again. The job responsibilities are heavy but manageable because I can crash onto bed whenever I feel tied or frustrated.

I always keep my camera nearby in case there is something interesting showing up outside the windows. One day I got a photo of pileated woodpecker, it was the first time for me to see this kind of woodpecker. It was a beautiful surprise!

Once a month we have Zoom meeting with my manager’s boss, when I can put on makeups and dress in a nice sweater to face the people virtually. I have been so used to this type of daily routine, and started to wonder whether I can ever go back to the office after the pandemic.

Time will tell!

Thanks for visiting my post!

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