Walking in Countryside

Park Falls is a small town located at Northern Wisconsin and surrounded by endless fields. It is more like a countryside, instead of a city.

With much less population density and pollutions caused by disappearing local industries, people can enjoy view over great farmlands during the daytime and magnificent galaxies at night. For me driving / walking around there has been such a fun activity, especially during its fall peak.

Due to very light traffic on a daily basis, I could easily pullover on the side of roads to snap some photos. Couple of times I offered a big smile to somebody in order to access to the backyard of their houses for photography. I have never been rejected.

After fall passes, the winter will be equally as beautiful. I can’t wait to have another experience inside a white fairyland.

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10 thoughts on “Walking in Countryside

  1. Breathtaking fall scenes. The fall colors in this part of the country is amazing, say the least. All are very beautifully captured, Yan.
    Thank you for taking us there through your fabulous photos.

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  2. We’re near Hayward, WI right now and I’ve loved the fall colors. I went to Bayfield last weekend and it was beautiful. Unlike you, I’m not looking forward to a northern Wisconsin winter, so we’ll be heading to AZ for the winter.


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