Walking in the Fall Atmosphere at Copper Falls State Park

The past weekend was the autumn peak time at Northern Wisconsin. The temperature was about 10 degree lower compared at Minneapolis / St. Paul areas.

After close to four hour driving, I finally arrived at Copper Falls State Park. It was the second time for me to visit there, last time was at the end of summer. This time I planned to get the last glimpse of its falls scenes.

The weather wasn’t so cooperating upon my arrival, it was raining with light snowflakes. But I decided to still carry on my plan to do a photo walk along the Bad River. Fortunately rain / snow stopped a few minutes after I started hiking around the Bad River.

The Bad River is a river flowing from the southwestern end of Caroline Lake to Lake Superior in northern Wisconsin.  On the way to its destination, it passes Copper Falls State Park through a gorge and drops over several waterfalls.

The first stop on my hiking journey was a bridge cross the Bad River. Surrounded by the forest with peaked colors, the river looks stunning and tranquil.

The next stop was the park’s signature Copper Falls splits into two streams of waterfalls. It also drops over two steps. 

Here is view from the upper cascades of Copper Falls on another side of Bad River. The photo was taken at the end of hiking.

After a shorting hiking distance from Copper Falls, I arrived another waterfall – Brownstone Fall as it empties into the Bad River.

Along the hiking trail there are a few views of beautiful cascades along the river flowing downstream from Browstone Falls.

The total length of the hiking trail is less than two miles, which usually take less than an hour to finish. It took me close to three hours to walk / photo on the trail. By the end of the trip I ended up with almost numb hands due to coldness (I didn’t expect that cold so I didn’t take any gloves with me).

But it was a fun journey with a great experience!

Thanks for visiting my post!

A Photo Walk

20 thoughts on “Walking in the Fall Atmosphere at Copper Falls State Park

  1. So glad the rain/snow stopped. These are beautiful autumn photos, the first image is like a painting. I really like how you captured the water flow and waterfalls, impressive! Thank you for the fabulous photo walk. 🙂

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