Jay Cooke State Park

Even though there is only half leafs / plants around Minneapolis / St. Paul areas turning colors, the northern Minnesota has already welcome the peak of fall!

I spent a day at Jay Cooke State Park yesterday, enjoying the beauty of autumn on the shores of Saint Louis River.

The park is located at the lower reaches of the Saint Louis River.  The western half of the park contains part of a rocky, 13-mile gorge. This used to be a major barrier to Native Americans and early Europeans traveling by canoe, which they bypassed with the challenging Grand Portage of the St. Louis River.  The river was a vital link connecting the Mississippi waterways to the west with the Great Lakes to the east.

Jangling among those rough roads along the river, sometimes I had to put my tripod onto a small flat area of a river rock.  Using the center piece of the tripod as walking cane, I managed to cross over the mountains of the rocks and got close to the river to capture the beauty of fall.

The center piece of the park is its swinging bridge which is a suspension bridge with overall length of 220 feet.  The following Symmetry photo is the entrance to the bridge with stunning fall colors surround it.

Other photos were all taken by standing either on the overlook besides highway or on the river rocks.  The actions were challenge but results are satisfactory.


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