Chasing Sunburst at a Farmland

I have totally fallen in love with sunburst or sunstars during last couple of weeks.  Every night as long as there are sunlight and cloud in sky I must carry my camera and tripod to capture sunburst or sunstars on golden hour.

Last night I drove to a farmland with couple of old abandoned barn scattered on it.  Under hot wave and mosquitos’ attack I walked through tall grass to get the best angle for sunburst / sunstars over the barn and on the field horizon just before the sun went down.  I even found a a group of daisy flowers as foreground while sunset as background.

I like the final results!

Here are more photos of sunburst / sunstars on golden hours.

Capture of Sunstars

Sunset at Japanese Garden

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #102: A Quiet Moment

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