Capture of Sunstars

The sunstar, or maybe sunburst, is one of the interesting subjects I have been wondering for sometime.  I tried numerous times in the past to capture sunstars, and failed every single time.

Couple of weeks ago I consulted with one of my photographer friends, he advised me to use low aperture (e.g., 14 or even lower based on the lighting condition).  In order to capture sunstars using his recommendations, I stopped by a lake near home during sunset last night.

The window to get satisfactory sunset photos is usually small, around 15 minutes, as a result I had to plan ahead on the parameters I would use during shooting.

Here were settings: aperture: 22 ~ 25, shutter: 0.5 ~ 0.8 seconds, ISO: 100, tripod: applied.

Here are the results:

I did successfully captured sunstars in my photos, together with silky water stream of small waterfall due to low shutter speed.

I am glad that I experimented something new.

Thanks for visiting my post!

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