The Lives in Morning Dews

One of the advantages by working from home is to save daily commute time, for me it means extra one and half hours.  Another advantage from WFH is to gain flexibility, i.e., napping if I am tired, snacking if I am hungry, taking a short walk around my house if I get bored.  So far I have been getting more down everyday, compared with the time I was working from downtown office.

I always bring my camera with me while taking a short walk.  This morning I got some photos of flowers and insects in morning dews.

This ongoing pandemic / quarantine gradually change many people, including myself.  I am not sure whether I can shake hands, hug or chat face to face with anybody besides my family members.  I might not feel comfortable to ride in public transportations or to work side by side with others at office.

I might choose to work from home for long run.  Who knows, just do whatever best for families and myself.

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One thought on “The Lives in Morning Dews

  1. What stunning photos! They really are beautiful. I also feel this period will change us, I am finding working from home has so many benefits, I think I will struggle when I do finally have to go back into the office!

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