Hearts Start Bleeding

During quarantine time, I assign myself one new topic on each weekend for photography.  Macro is for this weekend, luckily it is another spring for some flowers to bloom.

Years ago my husband showed me this kind of beautiful and graceful flowers when we just started dating.  It is called “bleeding heart”, I have been so attracted to it that it became one of my favorite objects to capture each year.  By chance I found a white version of the heart on our neighbor’s garden couple of years ago.  White bleeding heart is for its name, which means, I guess the blood has run out by the end to leave a broken heart alone.

What do you think?

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5 thoughts on “Hearts Start Bleeding

  1. How interesting – I’ve seen these flowers many times but never a white one. An aberration for sure but a lovely one I think, don’t you? And clearly his neighbors are including him in the family 🙂

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