Blooming of Hopes

This weekend marks the official beginning of spring at Minneapolis / St Paul areas.  Even still in lockdown order from governor, people are pouring outside in a nice warm weather.  With movie theaters, restaurants and bars still closed, the best thing the most people can do is to ride bicycles around.  Bike stores are crowded with buyers, the bike trails around lakes and national parks are filled with enthusiastic bikers who simply forget about social distances.  Many people, including me, believe that UV rays in sunlight can kill virus, then any outdoor activities are benefit for health.

I decided not to join the crowds of bikers, instead I went to a garden near some office buildings to shot photos of newly blooming tulips.  The areas around the buildings are empty due to WFH, which gave me a good chance to walk around the flower gardens.

With people out there enjoying blessing from natural and blooming of those new lives, don’t we see any hopes for a brighter future?

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2 thoughts on “Blooming of Hopes

  1. the colors here are wonderful and I like how you mixed the parabola-type shots. I’ll be going outside myself this afternoon on a warm, sunny day in Detroit


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