Quarantined at Home

Like many others across the country, we were advised to stay at home for self – isolation to prevent spreading of COVID – 19.  Working from home lets me save couple of hours of commuting time each day.  I have being using the time to do something I liked to do but couldn’t do due to lack of time.

After spending least ten hours to handle work related tasks each day, I completed a few items on my personal to-do list:

I re-watched movie “The Cassandra Crossing”, I can understand much more than the first time I was watching while I was a kid.

I combined three essential elements together in photoshop to celebrate the wisdom, strength and collaboration of our nation.

Everyday I spent some time on elliptical for cardio excise and some time on the mat for yoga.

I even made a few videos of myself practicing yoga.

Hope you are enjoying the time at home with your family and loved ones.

Thanks for visiting my post.

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