Hell’s Kitchen

I would have never believed that a person turned to a billionaire just by cooking, until my daughter told me a name – Gorden Ramsay.

In order to experience his outstanding cooking skills, my daughter and I flew to Las Vegas to have an early Chinese New Year dinner at Hell’s Kitchen.  The Kitchen is located outside Caesars Palace,  it serves modern menus including Hell’s Kitchen signature dishes inspired by its owner’s namesake TV show.

The environment is like this:

  1. The fire from Hell.
  2. Mr. Ramsay greeting the customers
  3. Working area of the restaurant

The 3 – course meals like this:

  1. Napkins embroiled with the trade mark
  2. appetizer – lobster risotto
  3. entree choice #1 – beef wellington
  4. entree choice #2 – crispy skin salmon
  5. entree choice #3 – braised short rib
  6. dessert – speculoos ice-cream

The beef was cooked so tender that it tends to melt into my mouth, which reminded me of legendary Kobe beef at Japan.  Salmon meat is soft but its skin could easily break into many pieces.  The ice-cream was sitting on a fresh baked cake to give eaters a feeling of combined hot and calm.

Overall it was an exquisite dinning and totally worthy the time and the cost (average $120 per person).

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