Korea Trip #7 – Nights at Seoul

During the week we were at Seoul, we spent two nights outside to see the nightscape at Seoul.


It’s official name is Heunginjimun Gate, but due to its position on the east side of the outer wall of Seoul Fortress, it is also commonly referred to as Dongdaemun Gate.  The gate also leads to Seonggwak Park and the city walls. 

Here is a bird’s eye view of Dongdaemun captured by standing on the City Wall.  We can observe a harmonious blend of Korea’s traditional architecture with the modern skyscrapers.

N Seoul Tower:

The N Seoul Tower, officially the YTN Seoul Tower and commonly known as the Namsan Tower or Seoul Tower, is a communication and observation tower located on Namsan Mountain in central Seoul, South Korea. At 236 metres, it marks the second highest point in Seoul.  Originally it was a radio wave tower, providing TV and radio broadcasting in Seoul.  Currently it broadcasts signals for Korean media outlets.  It took several hours to get onto the highest observatory point of the tower through long waiting line and cable car, but it was very valuable experience.

Here are photos captured at the areas around the tower.

In addition on our way to the tower we passed a wall decorated by locks of luck.

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