Korea Trip #1 – Autumn at Odaesan National Park

I unfortunately missed the peak fall season at Minneapolis this year due to my planned trip to Seoul, Korea.  But I had chance to enjoy peak fall season at Odaesan National Park.

Odaesan National Park is one of the largest national parks in Korea with an area of an area of 298.5㎢ and was designated as the 11th national park in February 1975.  It also has the largest natural woods of Korea, home to many wild animals and plants.

Odaesan Mountain, where Woljeongsa Temple, the representative temple of Gangwon-do is located, is famous for its beautiful winter, but the scenery of autumn that comes before the winter is also admirably beautiful. The colorful leaves of maple trees embroidered in Odaesan Mountain and Woljeongsa Temple are very impressive.

After Woljeongsa Temple, the first thing we saw was the Sogeumgang river (Hangul: 소금강), which is also considered the most beautiful river in Korea.  There is a tiny waterfall in the middle of river, which is not too significant by itself, but it helps to complete the stunning views of the mountain covered by fall colors.

Along the river, there is also a beautiful Abies holophylla tree road where Kim Shin confessed his true feelings to Ji Eun-tak in the hit drama “Guardian: The Lonely and Great God”.  Even though I have never been a Korean Drama fun, I could feel the romantic atmosphere while I was there.  Walk along the 1.9km road between Abies holophylla and listen to the sound of the valley, I couldn’t stop photographing the autumn scenes in front of me.

By the end of the trip to Odaesan National Park, I didn’t regret missing the fall colors at home since I have experienced something new and equally beautiful.

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