Time to Celebrate because……

the babies are here!

After long and cold winter, during which we experienced the Polar Vortex, several snow storms, severe blizaad and cold raining days for weeks, summer finally landed at Minnesota.

While the flowers started blooming in our yard, we noticed couple of robins building their nest just in front of our kitchen window.  The robin couple have been taking turn to seat in the nest, we guessed, to expect the birth of their babies.  Even though we didn’t know how many eggs inside the nest, we were excited just as much as robin couple.  I was checking the nest through the kitchen window the first thing after I got home everyday.  Couple of weeks passing by I still couldn’t see any movements inside the nest.

Last Thursday soon after I got home from work, my daughter told me that the eggs had been hatched.  I rushed to the kitchen widow and stepped onto a chair, I could see some tiny heads up and down inside the nest.  Mommy and daddy were going back and forth carrying worms to those babies, four as I finally found out.

Saturday morning, two days after baby robins hatched, I set up a tripod far away from the nest and use 300mm lens to capture the life of their happy family.

Those tiny babies didn’t have any hair and their eyes closed.  They were so hungry that they keep their month open whenever mommy or daddy were out to collect food.  I have heard that in two weeks those babies will be as big as their parents and will fly away.

Then I will try hard to capture their precious moments as much as possible before they say goodbye to us.

Thanks for visiting my post!

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