Louisiana #1 – The “Cattle”

Twenty years after graduation, I took my family to visit my very first stop after I came to the North America – Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

While I was studying at Louisiana State University, I had little time to enjoy my surroundings.  That might be one of the reasons that I decided to “review” the cajun life.  We landed at New Orleans and then drove to Baton Rouge.  Immediately we booked a cajun swamp tour.  Our tour guide gave us a brief instruction before driving the boat into the swamp.  Then the guide started talking about the “cattle” of Louisiana.  There are around 3 millions “cows” wondering in the state with around 4 million people.  Based on the ratio of “cows” to people, we could image how popular those “cows” at Louisiana.  But these “cows” are different from the cows in other states – they bite!

Their real name is alligator, they belong to the family of crocodilian.  They are cold-blood reptile, as a result, like to stay in warm environment.  They are born with sharp teeth on upper and lower jaws.  When they close their mouths, only upper teeth stay outside.  This physical appearance differentiate them from crocodiles, who show off all teeth from both upper and lower jaws with closed mouths.

“See you later, alligator” is a common “good-bye” for Louisianian.  I was glad I got another chance to visit the native “cattle” at Louisiana, and again to say “See you later, alligator!”

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