A Precious Mute

Most swans at Minnesota are trumpeters, they have features such as black beaks and lean bodies.

Last weekend, while photographing swans, geese and ducks I noticed something different.  She is a swan but another kind because she looks different from trumpeter.

She has bright orange beak and bigger body shape, besides she moves slower than other swans and quieter.  I was curious to know what kind of swan she is.  After googling swans with orange beak I found she was actually a mute swan.  It was the first time for me to see a mute!

Couple of days later one of my photographer friends sharing a news among swan-loving photographers.  Even though there are thousands of trumpeter but only one mute at Minnesota.  As a result this mute has been monitored for a while.

So I am such a lucky one among my friends to see this one of kind – mute swan.

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