The Angels in Morning Mist

After going through polar vortex, we had a warm weekend (in the middle of 30’s).  Couple of photographer friends suggested to visit one of local lakes with a piece of open water to see swans and other birds.  We arrived at a small lake near Memorial National Park at Shakopee around 7:30 am just about the time of sunrise.

Due to limited open water in a brutal cold weather at Minnesota, thousands of birds gathered this lake for the time being.  Among those birds there are around 100 trumpeters.  I am always curious how those birds could survive polar vortex but they did.

Within an hour following sunrise we were standing on ice watching those swans swimming, dancing, flying, even arguing and fighting with each other.  Once a while they came to us for breads.  The vapor was raising from the surface of water under sunrise, making every moves of birds under mist with golden tone.  I immediately felt peace and tranquility.

Here are some pictures captured within an hour after sunrise.

Here are some pictures captured after sunrise.

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