Polar Vortex

This past week at Minneapolis can be described by one word – cold!

The winter at Minneapolis is always cold, but previous winters have never been like this one, which is not only cold but very very cold!  There is a natural phenomena called “polar vortex”, meaning air from north pole is circulated toward south regions.  As a result some areas including Chicago and Minneapolis experienced something as north pole.

Here is what temperature looked like:

Schools closed, many people gave up driving to work and stayed at home.  While I had to run some errands my 2017 Volvo XC90 refused to perform its responsibility by moving as slowly as a turtle:

However we still discovered something beautiful and entertaining, as the frosty flowers formed on the windows.

Also my daughter squeezed a bottle of hot water into air to see it busting to ice dust.

Who said the cold was all bad?

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