Japan #8 – The Night Markets at Senso-ji

Senso-ji (浅草寺) is not too far from the place we stayed at Tokyo, we went there because I really like to experience the real local culture from one of the best sources: night market.  The most crowed path there is Nakamise-dori (仲見世通り) street leading to Senso-ji temple with lots of souvenir stores along it.  It is located between the entrance gate Kaminarimon (Thunder Gate 雷門) and the inner gate Hozomon (宝蔵門).

The street, together with others, is filled with food stands and stores.  Walking along I picked up as much as possible snacks to taste before my stomach started turning uncomfortably.  There were many Japanese in their traditional garment – kimonos (Beauties in Kimonos) walking around at night.

To my surprise I even saw couple of American ladies displayed couple of owls on their arms.  They explained the life of owls in hope to get some donations for their “owl” organization.  It was so nice to hear the language I could understand.  Looking at those lovely owls I couldn’t just walk away without contribution.  I picked all coins from my wallet to give to those ladies.

By the end of our trip to the night market, I went home safe except that I had to carry a little heavier body.

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