Japan #6 – Only One Size

In my previous post Ginza and Issey Miyake, I talked about the shopping experience in Ginza.  In the store of Issey Miyake, it was the first time for me to see all clothes with only one size.  Actually Issey Miyake is not only designer with one size, many other brands in Japan have the same feature – one size.

How could that be possible for one size to fit entire population?  In America we have size ranges between XXS to XXL or between 0 to 20 to fit people in different shapes and sizes.

In the following few days through observing Japanese in trains, sidewalks, restaurants or hotels, I gradually convinced myself that Japanese were all in one size since it barely saw any overweight, needless to say obese persons.

Do you see anybody overweight or obese in the picture below?

We may think that the narrow living spaces in Japan contribute some degrees to the fitting figures of most Japanese.  However, based on my observations, Japanese cuisines and their living styles play the major roles.

The cooking in Japanese meals mainly includes four methods: in raw, roasting, boiling and steaming.  So far I only saw tempura prepared by deeply frying battered vegies or seafood.  The meals in Japan regardless breakfast, lunch or dinner are served in many dishes, but each of which only contains very small amounts.  This provides people with enough nutrients but without overfeeding.

The soup has broth with mushroom, spinach, tofu and rice ball.  It looks clear and tastes light.

The main course (for three persons) has seafoods, tofu, sweet potatoes, etc.

It comes with a small dish of raw fishes and sushi.

It completes with a Japanese style hot pot with meat balls.

The dessert includes couple of pieces of fruits and a small bowl of egg tart.

Besides healthy cuisine most Japanese are doing a lot of daily excises by walking, biking or taking public transportation.  Driving is not as common as I had expected due to crowded road and limited parking spaces.  Tokyo has a very complicated subway systems, I go lost multiply times there.  Often times I saw people walking or running from one station to another, between train station and office or home.  I almost never saw any Japanese ladies wearing fancy high heels, comfortable but stylish shoes seems favored by them.  Even though I ate as much I could during 10 days at Tokyo, I didn’t gain any weight after I came back home.

Considering that Japanese have the longest life expectancy (87 for woman and 81 for man) of the world, they definitely have something about living which we can learn from.

Thank you for visiting my post!


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